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Selling Your Home

  • Plan your process first because everyone’s needs differ. We will plan a personalized process for your specific needs so the transition is smooth.

  • Prepare your property including cleaning, organizing, adding fresh paint, make repairs so a buyer can’t wait to give you a good offer.

  • Price accurately for market conditions because the market constantly changes. Over priced homes never sell. Be honest with yourself.

  • Place your property on the market with ideal timing conditions including interest rates, buyer demand, holidays, and weather.

  • Proceeds and Closing includes moving and the next stage of your life.

Home Buying Tips

  • Preapproval is first because you need to stay within your budget and to be ready to make a competitive offer to a seller.

  • Pinpoint your ideal locations for work, school or interests.

  • Prepare a detailed offer that works for your best circumstances and comfort level.

  • Plan your move and enjoy your well-being. Real Estate is a great long term investment.

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